Friday, 6 April 2012

Love Poem

Dear lovers, found this love poem that i want to share with u all lovers out there. Here it goes:

They might be far away
in another distant land on the other side
voices can still travel far
even if one were to whisper on the inside

one long plane ride
a single call each day and night
distant won't be the one
that will tear us apart

believe in the power of love
it's might will never wither and die
the strength shall triumph over evil
there no such thing as distance

promise to love each other
never let go of each other hands
no matter how cold the water might be
we will never let go of each other

the distant and time is in the end
we might slip by and never remember a thing
but forever we will continue to love one another
like there is no distant that shall take us away

shall the love live on
we will see each other again
embrace one another as a whole
distant will never change us from the inside
we promised 

By Steven