Friday, 1 June 2012

London The Summer Musical

Hey all,

The London Summer Musical is finally here in town!! You can finally experience an original London Summer Musical here at Sunway...

Talking about musicals, I've always dreamt of being a director of a musical. Hearing the applause of the crowd is just simply ecstacy to me. Oh well, that's my dream...So moving on to the real deal- Nuffnang is giving out 25 pair of tickets for us to watch the London Summer Musical at Sunway!!!

If you had the chance to direct one slot of the musical, which song would you choose and how would you imagine the scene to be?

Having the beautiful night sky as a backdrop, a flock of Churpie bird fly across the arena.....a troop of marching nuffnang stick men appear from thick mist blowing their horns and trumpets. Suddenly, everyone stare up into the sky asking one another...Is it a bird? no... Is it a plane? no.... It's Timothy Tiah??? Founder of nuffnang appear in the sky with thousand of balloons tied to his pants...

Then, Timothy starts singing:  "It's a beautiful night, We're looking for something great to do, Hey baby I think I wanna marry you". (Bruno Mars-Marry You) He'll move towards Audrey and she joins in and continue singing.

Then all nuffnangers and churpers dressed in formal wedding attire join into the musical.

The musical is gonna end with a blast as fireworks will ignite and at the same time, a ferrari decorated wedding car with the "Just Married" sign is drove into the arena and take the Married Couple off...

So there you go..."Timothy and Audrey's Wedding Musical"

Directed by Lovesville