Friday, 27 January 2012

First Date

To all our single friends out there, Valentine's is just round the corner and this is your best chance to impress the girl/ guy of you dreams. For those of you who have yet to make your move, you'd better get going, Valentine's only come once in a year you know!! Now, here are some tips for you on how to impress on first date. 

First impression is the best impression. So, Be Prepared!! Preparation can be as important as the date itself, so never leave things till the last minute. If you're planning to bring your date to a fine dining restaurant, make sure you make a reservation beforehand and If you're planning to watch a movie, purchase the ticket online first if possible as having to switch restaurants and failing to watch the movie you planned can be disastrous. It would definitely be a plus point if you can take your date to a place that is unique, where she would not have gone before. Say a flower field, or a boat in the local lake or a fun fare (I certainly haven't been to a fun fare in ages!). Make it a memorable and interesting place, something she would not forget for a long time.

So now, the big day has arrived. Three words- Dress to impress! However, do not go to every shop in the mall buying something new as you can never really tell if it’s good on you as you would be wearing it for the first time. Be smart and wear clothes that are comfortable and best suit your personality.

It is also good if you keep a list of conversation starters and make them general questions. Ask about their life but never get too personal. Try to be witty and humorous as girls are often turned on by that. Never brag on how big your biceps are or how many girls were interested in you before. Present your plus points in a subtle manner as it will be much more effective in connecting with her. By looking into the eyes of your date, it means you are showing interest in her. And don’t keep on yapping, allow her to talk. When she is talking listen to her. Don’t be cheesy or behave like a tramp, instead appreciate her in a honest manner. 

At the end of the date, when you drop her home, switch to a romantic topic and give her a kiss preferably on the cheeks or maybe a peck on the lips if she allows to. That would definitely be a memorable one. Good luck guys!! 

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