Sunday, 12 February 2012

Preparing for Valentine's

Hi lovers,

I bet all of you are super hyped up for tomorrow’s big day. I hope you all made your preparations early. For those that haven’t, you better act now!!

Here are some pretty basic guidelines that many of us tend to oversee when planning a date. These are just a few that you might want to tag on when planning your date this Valentine’s day:

#1: Budget, budget, budget
Coming up with a budget of how much you can spend on a date is important. Ensure that you spend within your means. Try not to overspend, because it will leave you a little sad at the end of the day. Work around the budget that you have, and make the best of it.

#2: Bon Appétit
Finding a place to eat on a special day like this can be a little challenging. If you and your partner are tolerable with a usual dining spot, then finding a place is not a crisis. But for those of you, who plan to visit a different dining place, ensure you do a reasonable amount of survey before you decide to take your partner. Friends and family members can really help when it comes to recommendation with an honest opinion. You can then filter your choices by casually asking your partner what kind of food he/she would prefer to have. You may also search the web for restaurants with good ratings and deals. And try to ensure that you find a place that is most convenient to you. Many of you young lovers may not have a ride. So keep your date at a practical location.

#3: Getting a gift
Getting a gift for your Valentine is a custom many couples do during Valentine’s Day. It is just a way couples use to express their affectionate feeling towards their partner. Many couples tend to search for unique gifts or simply just get something their partner has been wanting for sometime. However getting an expensive gift is not all that necessary. Anything that comes from your heart will put a smile on your partner’s face. Once again keep it within your budget. If your budget is too tight, getting a gift will not be necessary at all. Your partner will understand

#4: Mind your manners
When going out on a special day like this, try to be conscious of the way you eat, drink, walk and talk. After all it comes once in a year. You wouldn’t want your partner feeling embarrassed during the date.

#5: Timing
Being on time is really important. Plan your time well and try to meet them. No one likes waiting too long to be picked up or waiting alone in a restaurant. So try to be on time so that your date does not have a bad start.

#6: Dressing
The clothes you wear on this day, portrays the amount of respect you have for your partner. Dressing smart and clean will keep reminding your partner what they fell for when they saw you for the first time.

#7: Keep your partner smiling
Having a good time will keep your partner thinking about the amount of fun he/she had with you. Try to put aside your differences and just enjoy each others company during this day. Keep your Valentine laughing and in a joyful mood

#8: Seal it with love
Romance is key to all !

Good luck to all : )